In recent years, higher education campuses have faced many challenges including risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, litigation, and reputation management. A study found in ABA Journal says that legal liability costs exceed $100 per student at public schools across the U.S.

To help, we’ve compiled four leading-edge solutions for higher education campuses.

Emergency Alert System

The Alertus Emergency Alert System is a comprehensive unified mass notification solution that can be implemented anywhere and activated quickly and effectively. Its seamless compatibility and integration with a wide variety of existing mass notification systems provides organizations a cost-effective way to enhance their emergency communications efforts.

Alertus is available on GSA Schedule 84 through Convergint TechnologiesBelow is a demonstration of the Alertus system, showing an emergency alert activation and an all-clear activation.

HID EasyLobby Visitor Management

HID’s EasyLobby Visitor Management allows administrators to control access to areas, know who’s visiting campus, and the reason for the visit. By pre-registering visitors, administrators are protected against unwanted guests. This becomes critically important in dangerous situations. With a single click, an emergency evacuation report can be created and shared a list of all individuals in the school is sent to the appropriate school and emergency response personnel.

This software can integrate with a wide variety of access control systems to provide access to visitors directly from the visitor management station.  For example, a volunteer to a classroom can be issued an access card to that corridor but denied access to other areas, such as an area where testing is taking place.

An administrator can even add guests to a watch list if they are questionable by performing background checks on each state’s sex offender database or the Government-Denied Parties list.

Genetec Security Center

Genetec Security Center is a single application that can unify IP video surveillance, access control, and automatic license plate recognition within one solution, helping to streamline security operations across campus. This technology enables the campus security team to become more proactive in identifying threats. As security needs grow, solutions and applications can easily be added. 

With Security Center many common operations such as monitoring, reporting, alarm management, and configuration are streamlined into one application. Security Center also lets you implement a phased growth plan, so you can start with video surveillance or access control and unify other key systems over time.

Shooter Detection Gunshot Technology

Active shooter incidents in the U.S. are rising dramatically each year. In response to this risk, Shooter Detection Systems has developed gunshot detection technology that is designed to save lives and minimize the destruction caused during mass shooting incidents. SDS has 14 million hours of installed time in real-world environments with zero false alerts. It enables instant communication through e-mail and text message, with additional notification pathways such as access control, alarm panels, video management, mass notification, digital radios, and mobile application technologies. 

 View the webinar below to watch as a mock active shooter moves through an office equipped with indoor gunshot detection, putting Guardian to the test with an actual live shot of an assault rifle.

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