Nearly two million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year, according to OSHA’s most recent statistics released in 2016. And healthcare is the most dangerous of them all. In a report published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 75 percent of all workplace assaults happen in healthcare facilities. 

Here is a list of why healthcare professionals may be at a higher risk than others:

  • Lack of or poor training for recognizing and managing violent and aggressive incidents from visitors, staff, patients, or clients

  • Long waits for services and overcrowded waiting rooms

  • Free movement of the public in healthcare settings

  • Low staffing and in many situations working alone

  • The notion that facilities tolerate violence and discourage or prevent victims from reporting incidents or pressing charges

  • High employee turnover

  • Poor facility design or inadequately lit rooms

  • Working in neighborhoods with a high crime rate


Convergint, partnered with Axis Communications, provides solutions to help manage and minimize workplace violence.

Sound Detection

Sound detection can identify gun shots and breaking glass, in addition to aggression in a person’s voice. This solution is particularly useful in active shooter scenarios.

People Counting Analytics

People counting analytics can provide analytics around occupancy levels, and the number of people passing into waiting rooms. The technology can track the number of people, for example in the Emergency Room/Department, and then send alerts based on predefined criteria to manage staffing levels and increase physical security if necessary. This is particularly helpful to minimize waiting times and lessening anger and the potential of workplace violence.

Network Door Controller

Network door controllers provide an efficient, highly secure way to control access to your premises. In other words, healthcare facilities can ensure that only people with permission to enter are allowed to enter in sensitive areas.

Video and Two-Way Audio

Using video and two-way audio employees are able to communicate with people on the other side of a door and verify their credentials before allowing them to enter an area.

All employees have a right to a violence-free workplace. Convergint, partnered with Axis Communications, can help to minimize workplace violence at healthcare facilities.

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