Large businesses have unique security needs that require a comprehensive access control system that keeps intruders away and restrict access to certain areas. Organizations also need intelligent video security systems that are easy to use and allow administrators and security to manage the entire property or properties to identify problems. Convergint and Avigilon collaborate to bring large corporations five effective video security solutions to ensure facility safety. 

High definition video cameras serve as the sentinels for a property. Management and security can actively view live feed to prevent security issues, respond to active threats, and see who’s on the property at any given time. When integrated with technology such as access control, users can even pull up video relating to the time stamp recorded for attempted security breaches. It provides excellent evidence for law enforcement to investigate criminal violations on the property.

Security cameras also help identify internal theft and violations of company policy that could be detrimental to businesses. Video security systems are the window into the activity in businesses even when management is not there.

Avigilon has patented self-learning video analytics that truly increases the intelligence of security systems. Over time, video security systems learn patterns of normal activity and can detect anomalies. When the system detects activity that isn’t typical, it provides instant notifications to security so that they can respond immediately.

These notifications allow for a proactive response so that security or law enforcement can intervene and stop crime in progress. Whereas before, police and security had to scroll through hours of footage to find the video on security events that are long over. Avigilon’s smart video analytics recognize characteristics and movements of vehicles and people while ignoring irrelevant activity on the scene.

ACC 7  software helps discover incidents that may need to be investigated further allowing users to act on these events. Combined with video analytics, the Focus of Attention interface highlights analytics incidents in teal, alarms in red, and motion in blue. This color-coding allows users to choose which events are the most important to pay attention to.

Users can even remain connected with video security when not at the office with the ACC mobile app. The app enables users to quickly respond to events on the property on the go. This software is responsive and enhances overall usability.

This camera provides complete coverage with no blind spots on all business properties such as warehouses and additional corporate locations. The H4 Fisheye camera offers a panoramic 360-degree view that lets users see more property with fewer cameras. This reduces the number of cameras needed for complete security coverage and makes the security system discreet so that it doesn’t intrude on corporate atmosphere.

All businesses have areas that require restricted access and the need to account for employees, and this is where the ACM system comes into play. ACM allows users to restrict certain areas to protect assets and ensure the safety of employees. Offices or inventory rooms are off-limits except for certain personnel, and this system gives those employees access while keeping others out.

When integrated with video security, users can see who tried to gain access to unauthorized areas, then utilize Avigilon Appearance Search technology to find that person in the building. The system is user-friendly and elevates the security to the next level.

Avigilon and Convergint provide innovative, comprehensive security systems to manage businesses effectively. Convergint understands the unique security needs of large corporations with multiple properties and can design the best system that keeps users on top of security. AI that integrates with smart security helps identify threats that may have missed without these smart security systems.

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