Data centers have always been important, but with the growth of cloud services, virtualization, and hyperscale computing, many organizations now depend on them for day-to-day business operations. Having an integrated security system that provides multiple layers of security to protect and safeguard assets is vital, from perimeter to server racks.

At the heart of every business is information. Keeping it safe requires protection that spans from perimeter to core. With a multi-layered approach, Convergint and Axis Communications provide protection at every level, from different kinds of data risk threats, such as cyber, physical, external, and internal.

A multi-layered approach to integrated security

From early detection outside a premises to the ability to interpret alarms and respond swiftly to them, layers of security ensure that data centers stay in operation and that the valuable data at its heart is protected. There are five main layers of security when safeguarding data centers: perimeter, premises, building, server rooms, and server racks.

Scalable solutions for data centers

An integrated security system from Axis adds layers of protection to safeguard data centers. It can include IP cameras that guard the perimeter and interior of a site, radar technology to detect suspicious movement on premises, network door stations that control access to specific areas and rooms, two-way loudspeakers to address potential intruders, and video management software to oversee and control everything from a central hub. With this approach, threats are detected and neutralized at an early stage, and registered visitors can enter parts of the facility only in accordance with their clearance level.

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By centralizing data center surveillance, Convergint and Axis deliver greater security with fewer resources. These solutions do not require staff to be constantly viewing every video feed; alarms and alerts let teams know when something unexpected happens. Cutting-edge video and audio analytics increase automation and reduce the need for manned patrols. Contact a security expert today to learn more about this comprehensive solution.

Please see the “IMPORTANT PRODUCT SAFETY AND SERVICE INFORMATION” documentation, available at  prior to using a Convergint-installed solution.