The healthcare industry has been under increased pressure—especially in the last couple of years. Working with an innovative technology system designed for this type of environment can help. A Genetec open and unified physical security solution improves day-to-day operations so that your staff can work smarter—by enhancing the patient experience and keeping people, buildings, and even your data, safe.

How unified systems exceed expectations in healthcare

None of these situations can be addressed without a quick, informed response from security staff. The problem is that healthcare organization (HCO) security professionals are often slow to respond because they struggle to track down the information needed from multiple disjointed systems. And they may ultimately spend significant time searching for a common response that seems like a needle in a haystack.

A unified security system built on an open architecture can help by enabling security professionals to see everything in one pane of glass so they can take prompt action. This, in turn, improves the patient experience. In addition to improving response time to typical security-related requests, this unified information can also improve patient throughput, patient privacy, employee recruitment, cybersecurity, and more.

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