Protecting against cyberattacks has become a challenge for both state and local government organizations. In a world where networks are interconnected, and data is so easily accessible from the web, cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and have caused increasing damage to organizations. For example, earlier this year, Baltimore’s 911 dispatch system was attacked by ransomware due to an unsecured network, causing the system to be shut down for 17 hours. Situations like this can be devastating for a government-run organization.

Cybercriminals can enter an organization and move laterally on the network to steal IP and sensitive information – without being detected – for a long period of time. Deploying a security system where cybersecurity is an afterthought could lead to serious implications. Access control systems should not only secure physical premises but should also be protected from cyber-threats.

Convergint, in partnership with Genetec, can deploy Security Center Synergis™, the IP access control system (ACS) developed by Genetec. With native end-to-end encryption from the reader to the Synergis software and advanced claim-based authentication, you will know with full confidence that data will be secured.

Security Center Synergis

  • Keep Existing Access Control Hardware Infrastructure in Place
    Synergis supports the most versatile portfolio of access control hardware and integrates with a wide range of door controllers, modules, and electronic locks. Thus, reducing the overall costs to deploy Synergis.

  • Neutralize Threats Quickly
    With embedded threat management capabilities, operators can quickly change the behavior of a security system at a moment’s notice in response to potential cyber or physical threats.

  • Strengthen Security with Complete Picture
    Synergis creates a seamless link between access control and video which heightens the security of an organization and increases readiness to respond to incidents and threats.

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