Fun and laughter extends beyond the workplace for colleagues at Convergint Technologies. Each year, Convergint gives its colleagues a “Fun & Laughter Day,” which includes a day off from work and $100 from Convergint with only one requirement: it must be used for fun and laughter

Convergint colleagues Mickey Cruz and Richard Kuhn from Orlando take Convergint’s Values and Beliefs very seriously, and found the perfect way to spend their “Fun & Laughter” day off…by getting married!

Bride and groom pose in the wedding aisle

“Thank you to our Convergint Technologies family and friends for the well wishes. We got married on 2/20/2020 on our Fun & Laughter day. It is great to work at a company guided by an awesome set of Values and Beliefs, number 10 being “We promote fun and laughter on a daily basis.” Having the ceremony on a workday kept it small and intimate. Thank you again, Convergint, for being such a great company. It has been great to share this news with our extended Convergint family!”

~ Mickey Cruz, Convergint Project Coordinator 

Knowing everyone would not be able to make it in person, they taped the entire ceremony and created a wedding video available on YouTube.

Although unconventional, co-founders Greg Lernihan and Dan Moceri believe that fun has helped Convergint achieve tremendous success. 

“At Convergint, our last Value & Belief is all about having fun,” said Convergint Co-Founder Dan Moceri. “You are going to work hard, so make sure you enjoy the work you do…. In the end, that’s what really counts: that your work is something that fulfills and excites you, as much as it provides for you.” The founding 10 Values & Beliefs drive the positive culture and are what truly makes Convergint different.

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