Reviewing and tagging video footage in Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) can become a time-consuming task in any industry. Being able to streamline tasks and have users focused on what matters allows for better system organization and operation. 

Building upon a solid architecture, Convergint Technologies and Software House provide new features and functionality with C•CURE 9000 v2.80. The newest version optimizes security operations, broadens search capabilities, and enhances video association for access-led unification. 

Meta-Tags + Smart Search 

Smart Search allows users to easily search for object names, object types, and tagged locations using meta-tags. Meta-tags provide an easy way to add attributes to items, allowing for more robust and customizable search capabilities that greatly reduce search time. By using meta-tags, users can create hierarchical groups of objects stored in the C•CURE 9000 system. In contrast with regular group objects, which allow the users to put together objects of the same type and to apply group operations on them, meta-tags allow the system to find objects of different types. Meta-tags can be assigned to several objects and users can display all the objects in one list.

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Security View

With the security view, users can perform automatic device-to-video mapping powered by smart search capabilities to automatically pull up to 16 camera matches on one intuitive screen. This greatly saves on configuration time. 

C•CURE 9000 will automatically associate video that it deems relevant, for example, it will pull various cameras clustered in an area based on location. If the cameras it suggests are not exactly what the user is looking for, it is easy to drag and drop in a new camera from the list of discovered cameras.

Out of the Box Event Assessment 

Previously, the event assessment process was quite labor-intensive. With a new layout, operators have all the information needed to quickly and efficiently process an event with no programming required. When an operator selects an event the application provides details for that specific event, containing the views that have been configured. 

This new layout streamlines reporting and monitoring to view devices with associated video and objects compiled into one screen. Operators can view the video from the cameras that are closest to the incident, map location, and access standard operation procedures (SOPs) to process the event based on specific business requirements.

As a global leader in access control, Software House developed innovative solutions like C•CURE 9000 to protect buildings, people, and assets. Convergint is a top Software House integrator with a team of certified C•CURE 9000 installers to provide a single, seamless system for worldwide customers.

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