In late 2013, Convergint made a strategic investment in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region by acquiring leading security integration firm ICD Security Solutions. By joining forces with ICD Security, Convergint established itself as a top global security integrator, serving Fortune 500 companies in both North America and Asia. ICD has offices all across Asia, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India, Australia, and Singapore. Having multiple locations spread out across countries created a problem when it came to tracking time and attendance of employees.

Mission: Track Time & Attendance Across Multiple ICD Locations

For companies with large numbers of staff spread across multiple sites, it can be difficult to accurately track employee time and attendance (T&A). Administrative staff often have to manually sort through access control data, which is both time-consuming and subject to human error.

Solution: Time & Attendance Software

To solve this issue, ICD developed T&A software. By filtering through data sent by multiple or hundreds of card readers to the end user’s central server, the customized software can identify the first and last time each employee swipes their card every day and the location.

The location where the keycard has been swiped does not have to be limited to a site or city. Any card reader integrated into the end user’s access control system is recorded, therefore, enabling T&A reports to be generated across nationwide or regional offices. This is particularly convenient for employees who often work at different locations.

The data collected is automatically generated into reports (that can be customized by the end-user) which detail the time and attendance for each employee. Reports and additional results of data searches can all easily be exported by the end-user.

Features include:

  • System automatically retrieves data from the access control system including cardholder information, location, department, and more

  • User can perform quick searches via employee name or number to find relevant cardholder information and T&A data in the system

  • Users are able to search the records of multiple card readers at the same time

  • Cardholders can be sorted by department, location, and more

  • Reports generated based on the first and last card swipe of each employee daily from any card reader linked to the system

  • Timeframe of reports can be customized with a maximum time span of 12 months

  • Reports can be exported to Excel, Word, and PDF formats

  • Reports support preview and direct printing functions

Result: Time Saved & Operations Improved

The result of implementing this software is a significant increase in time saved through automatic data collection, rather than relying and spending time on manual entry. This information is more accurate and can generate information about a large number of employees across a range of sites in a digital data form that is searchable.

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