The nature of the healthcare ecosystem is that it operates 24/7/365. Ensuring staff and patient safety is critical at all hours of the day, even at 2 am. Accomplishing this requires an integrated approach that considers clinical and patient security and leverages input from all department stakeholders.

How does a healthcare organization know if its current security solutions are outdated or in need of improvements? The viewpoints of the stakeholders, and their experience with operational inefficiencies needs to be taken into consideration.

According to Genetec, a leader in unifying physical security, “Intelligent, modern access control and monitoring solutions provide ease of use, create very little disruption to operations and allow for flexible budgeting and spending.”

Violence targeting healthcare staff is increasing dramatically, so upgrading security equipment and protocol is critical. With the right investment in technology, healthcare centers can empower their teams to respond faster and more effectively, while keeping operations running smoothly.

Genetec’s Elements for Security Consideration

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Convergint, partnered with Genetec, has the expertise needed to deploy a streamlined security system to keep healthcare facilities operating smoothly and safely. Contact a security expert today to roadmap your security infrastructure.

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