Advanced Video Analytics

Handling video footage during an investigation can be a daunting task. The manual process of scanning video surveillance footage requires a significant amount of time and resources and can also produce imprecise results due to human error. What if we could conduct a search based on an individual person? A person or vehicle is not limited by a single camera, thus requiring the need to search all cameras across a site for operational efficiency.

Convergint Technologies has partnered with Avigilon to provide a new way to search video footage with ease. Avigilon Appearance Search Technology is a sophisticated search engine for video data. It allows you to quickly sort through hours of footage to locate a specific person or vehicles across an entire site without the need for additional resources. 

Vehicle Appearance Search Technology 

Vehicle search technology enables users to quickly search through recorded footage to determine critical information about where and when a vehicle might have been before and after an event.  An appearance search for a person can be followed up with an appearance search for the vehicle in which they enter. This allows users to complete an entire investigation that spans indoor and outdoor spaces, saving valuable time and effort during critical investigations.

Appearance Search Technology 

This technology can dramatically improve incident response time and enhance investigations by allowing operators to build robust video evidence and create a powerful narrative of events. Top features & benefits include:

  • Quickly search for person or object of interest
  • Improve investigation time and provide a proactive (not reactive) response
  • Refine searches based on time and camera location
  • Playback, bookmark, and export tools
  • Self-learning video analytics

Avigilon Appearance Search Technology Demo

In the above demonstration, Avigilon Appearance Search technology is used to find the person who left a bag. First, the camera is maximized where the bag was last seen. Next, thumbnail search is used to find out when the bag was left and by whom. After the person is identified, users can initiate appearance search to find all instances of this person after this point. 

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June 21, 2017|