Artificial intelligence (AI) works to integrate comprehensive solutions that enable business intelligence and data-driven decisions, while streamlining efficiencies, driving automation efforts, and lowering costs. AI is shifting the modern landscape of security and surveillance, changing the way users interact with their security systems. As it has for other global industry sectors, AI is taking hold in the federal government at a rate that surpasses previous digital adoptions. AI-powered recording-keeping, digital identity management, and national security monitoring tools are already making their way into daily operations, working directly with large quantities of data and driving sound decision-making.

Convergint partners with Axis Communications to provide customers across several verticals with the latest innovations in AI to improve safety and security, including the federal government sector. These AI solutions can integrate with tools already used to optimize workflows by analyzing, enhancing, and synchronizing a wide variety of data type tools, facilitating system optimization at federal and military installations worldwide.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to enhance the human factor by correlating and highlighting seemingly unrelated points that may not be immediately obvious to a busy human operator.

Business challenges faced in the government sector

Currently, the federal sector is experiencing a transition into the new digital age with the modernization of technology. However, the current functions of many key government systems have left some public organizations unsure of how to move forward. The obstacles associated with managing this modernization is different for each organization and often fluctuates depending on various external factors.

Below are some core challenges faced in the industry:

Business value: Modernized transformation with AI analytics

As AI continues to be integrated into many organizations, the fields of data acquisition and AI analytics are constantly evolving, while the reliance on them to solve critical industry challenges grows in conjunction. While this is a positive sign for the industry, a few questions still stand: what constitutes AI within the government, how can it be utilized to improve our agencies, and what types of data should be collected?

Some examples of real-world applications of AI include:

Business outcome: The acceleration in digital adoption of AI

The federal government industry has faced a fair number of challenges in the past few years, but it has also made significant strides towards adopting innovative technologies to overcome these hurdles. Fortunately, the implementation of AI solutions, real-time data analytics, remote monitoring, and robust unified communications can work in tandem to navigate many of these issues while improving an agency’s operational efficiency, reducing overhead costs, and preventing further employee strain.

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