For financial institutions, maintaining a secure environment is not optional. They hold important information such as bank account numbers and balances, social security numbers, and PIN numbers. A security breach can be extremely detrimental for not only the consumer but also the institution. According to a recent study from IBM, the average consolidated total cost of a data breach is $4 million.

To help control risk and loss from a data breach, Convergint can implement Quantum Secure’s SAFE for Finance solution, which is a security management system tailored to the specific standards, process, and challenges that a financial institution faces. This technology allows financial institutions to manage the entire life cycle of physical identities and processes, including hires & terminations, physical access management, and reviews, while providing an environment that is completely audit-ready. SAFE for Finance minimizes risks and contributes directly to the bottom line by reducing operating costs through automation.

SAFE for Finance: An Overview

Features & Benefits

Adaptable to fit business & technical environments

SAFE for Finance is a modifiable out-of-the-box solution designed to automate policies related to personnel and physical access across connected and disparate systems.

Company-wide solution

 Centralized company and identity information across systems and departments into one policy and privilege-based view. 

Reduce manual processes

Operations teams no longer need to issue badges or manage area access in the physical access control system. They work in SAFE for Finance consoles where all steps such as authorization, security, and training checks are complete.

Simplify compliance monitoring, reports, & audits

SAFE for Finance has built-in reporting which allows users to use pre-configured and ad hoc reports, which help audit failures and errors and keep the environment compliant.

Lowered costs

By automating identity management-related policies and tasks, SAFE for Finance can quickly reduce inefficiencies and improve services throughout your financial institution. SAFE for Finance produces measurable ROI in a matter of months due to the short deployment time and easy integration.

Automate access & ID audits

Automate the complete process of scheduled or review of personnel data to critical information such as data centers. SAFE automatically creates task for area owners to review the personnel with physical access who can use the web protal to confirm or remove access. In addition, SAFE can remove physical access and generate audit reports,

Gain insight through analysis of alarms & badge usage data

By analyzing alarm and badge usage data from PACS and correlating that with other identity-related data sources, SAFE provides information related to facility utilization, usage/non-usage of access, and suspicious behavior.

Financial institutions are able to better understand their entire operation by having precise information on employees, vendors, and visitors – all in real-time.

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