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E-gate usage is seeing expanded usage in airports across the world with some studies forecasting a more than 18% combined annual growth rate in usage between now and 2025. E-gates are automated self-service barriers which use the data stored in the chip in biometric passports to verify the user’s identity. This growth is being fueled by new use cases to provide the following to passengers:

    • Better service to passengers

    • Smoother flow process for passenger access to terminals and boarding

    • Advanced security with integration of biometrics

    • Reduction of employee cost

    • Enhanced data for the airport

    • Reduced employee and passenger interaction

    Join Convergint’s and Easier’s aviation experts for a live event panel on Thursday, April 23rd at 1 PM EST. This panel will explain the basics of an e-gate and share uses cases from different airports with a focus on biometric e-gates for boarding with CBP US Exit Program and e-gates for terminal access.

    Thursday, April 23rd | 1:00 PM  – 2:00 PM EST



    Alyssa Mathes

    Aviation Market–Account Executive

    Alyssa Mathes has been with Convergint Technologies for 8 years. In February of 2019 she became the global Account Executive for the Aviation Industry. Her focus is on understanding the Aviation Industry and bringing Convergint clients solutions that can help them solve their problems. Alyssa graduated with a Bachelors Degree from California State Polytechnic University-Pamona, with a degree in Business  Administration and Management, Finance. 

    Hervé Muller has been in charge of EASIER in North Americas since 2007. Hervé has worked in the field of airport technology for over two decades and has expert knowledge of passenger processing automation and extensive project experience and contacts at the leading airports and airlines in the region. Prior to joining IER, he was president of NCR Kinetics, another provider of self-service kiosks. Earlier, he led SITA’s sales of marketing in North and South America, providing a range of IT solutions to the leading airports and airlines in the region, with significant systems integration focus. He also contributed to the growth of ARINC (now Collins) in the airport sector and led sales in Europe, where he is credited for winning ARINC’s largest airport contracts.

    Hervé Muller

    Sales, North America, EASIER (IER, a Bolloré Company)

    Dan Joliet

    Sales, North America, EASIER (IER, a Bolloré Company)

    Dan Joliet has been with EASIER (IER) for 18 years. Dan has over 30 years of experience in business development in airports, airlines, cruise, rail companies and the government entities which provide oversight including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and US Customs and Boarding Protection (CBP). Dan has a strong understanding of the passenger process, and the complex interaction of systems, which make travel possible. This includes the check-in, baggage/bag-drop, security, boarding, and immigration/customs process.


    About EASIER

    EASIER combines IER’s transportation activities with those of its affiliate Automatic Systems, the global expert in secured access. EASIER is a leader in passenger processing automation with solutions ranging from automated gates, kiosks and baggage drop, to RFID printers and barcode scanners. EASIER’s solutions are deployed at most of the world’s airports.

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