Convergint Technologies prides itself on its unique and empowered culture that emphasizes service to customers, colleagues, and community above all else. 2020 was a challenging year for many, but colleagues continued to put forth the effort needed to support each other and service customers during this time. This year was beyond difficult; it was heartbreaking, stressful, and unimaginable. Convergint is grateful to all colleagues, customers, partners, and everyone across Convergint Nation for their continued encouragement and perseverance.

Colleagues & Culture

Colleagues are the very core of Convergint’s culture. Despite the challenges faced in 2020, colleagues operated each day in accordance with Convergint’s Values & Beliefs, and the ultimate goal of providing exceptional service to customers.

The year got off to an exciting start with the heartwarming story of two colleagues using their Fun & Laughter Day to get married! Later, as the pandemic shifted Convergint’s operations and plans for the year, colleagues continued to live by the Values & Beliefs the company was built upon and adapt to the changing environment. CEO Ken Lochiatto introduced a weekly video series to keep colleagues informed and updated on the situation as it unfolded, and colleagues from across the globe joined him weekly to give updates on various parts of the business while engaging with one another virtually.

Guided by Convergint’s values of safety and service, the company’s annual Social Responsibility Day was adapted into a multi-day event to account for social distancing and safety measures, allowing smaller groups of colleagues to safely complete service projects in their communities. Check out some of the service project highlights below: 

Acquisitions & Growth

Convergint’s culture and ability to best serve customers is largely influenced by acquisitions and partnerships. In 2020, Convergint expanded its global reach into Latin America and Asia Pacific through strategic partnership with Seal Telecom and acquisition of Cerberus Technologies in Perth, Australia. Convergint ended the year with the announcement of two acquisitions deepening expertise in the financial and healthcare industries. Watch the video announcing the acquisitions of Innovative Medical Systems and Smith Hamilton Equipment here: 

Awards & Accomplishments

Convergint was grateful to reach exciting milestones and celebrate accomplishments. Many teams celebrated safety milestones that reinforced the culture of safety Convergint has built over the years. The announcement video below features colleague Kevin Popejoy announcing Convergint’s Austin, TX team reaching 1,000 days without a recordable injury. 

Customer & Colleague Event Highlights

One of the major disruptions of Convergint culture in 2020 was the inability to gather for live events. Although everyone across Convergint was upset the annual Nation conference was canceled, the team innovated and created a virtual event. Convergint’s Virtual Culture Con was hosted for all colleagues in May. The successful all-digital company meeting included skill development, business updates, colleague awards, and a ton of fun & laughter. Check out some highlights from the event here! 

This year, Convergint also digitized its quarterly business update meetings with the announcement of Nation News Live: A virtual quarterly update experience for colleagues. This engaging and interactive review launched for the first time on September 3rd for all colleagues and included “Around the Nation” announcements and updates, colleague highlights and spotlights, and more. 

 In November, Convergint hosted the InSight Digital Summit, Convergint’s first-ever digital tradeshow. The three-day virtual event kicked off on November 17 and included over 60 technology and service partner booths, four live panel discussions, and one keynote presentation. It also incorporated hundreds of exclusive one-on-one meeting sessions with Convergint’s global network of partners and experts. This was an exciting opportunity for Convergint to connect and engage with colleagues, partners, and customers. Visit Convergint’s YouTube channel to watch recorded panel discussions from the event! 

As we close out 2020 and head into a new year, Convergint would like to thank its colleagues, customers, partners for their continued support and service. We look forward to embarking on a new year!

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