Improve branch service, efficiencies, and profitability with technology from Convergint.

Customers are changing the way they do business, and the way they bank. The branch still matters, but it needs to evolve to accommodate consumer demands in order to remain competitive. Optimizing efficiencies is essential to success in an industry marked by increasing labor costs and pressure on the bottom line.

Convergint offers self-service and assisted self-service solutions that can meet both service and operational objectives to transform your branch and business. Branch design becomes more efficient, transactional labor requirements are better managed, and institutions are able to focus on relationships and cross-selling opportunities. This all ties back to Convergint’s superior automation portfolio.

ITMs / advanced terminals

Core-integrated ITMs from Convergint provide forward-facing technology that can benefit every branch. With both lobby and drive-up models, and with multiple profiles, these ITMs are:

  • Integrated: With the ability to integrate both core and ATM networks for expanded reach and extensive transactional capability, Convergint enables branches to adopt a self-service first model, as over 90% of transactions can be completed without in-branch or video teller assistance.

  • User-friendly: With a familiar wide-screen and interactive technology, and a very short learning curve to support customer adoption, ITMs have been proven to be well-received by both customers and tellers due to the intuitive technology and an extensive transaction portfolio.

  • Secure: Convergint offers a comprehensive transaction initiation protocol, privacy screen, and other physical security features that provide both institutions and customers with peace-of-mind.

  • High in capacity: Convergint provides high cash dispense capability and support for large mixed media deposits.


ATMs from Convergint provide multifunctional, self-service automation solutions to enhance customer experience. With both lobby and drive-up models, and with multiple profiles, these ATMs are:

  • Capable: With end-to-end deposit automation and a migration path for institutions with a vision, Convergint’s ATMs are designed to support multifunctional services with units including a cash acceptor, check scanner, and envelope depository.

  • Flexible: With a flexible safe door swing and adjustable deposit processing technologies to accommodate cardholder preferences, ATMs are offered in a multitude of configurations to accommodate specific branch layouts.

  • Secure: With a UL291 Level 1 safe, safe door enhancements, privacy screen, and optional security cameras, Convergint’s ATMs are industry-leading with regard to security.

  • Dependable: With customer transaction completion as part of its efficient shut-down due to power loss and its structural integrity, it is ideal for weather-facing walk-up deployments. For streamlined cash replenishment procedure and cost savings, Convergint offers the Safepak CashBar for installation with cassettes.

Cash recyclers

Cash recyclers from Convergint facilitate a shift in branch operations and reap real results. With the leverage of groundbreaking technology to improve the customer experience and accelerate branch efficiencies, this technology plays a critical role in reducing cash handling and providing essential support in-branch and for the drive-thru. Convergint’s cash recyclers are:

  • User-friendly: Convergint’s cash recyclers offer an intuitive interface and a tilting 8” touchscreen, in addition to video guidance for troubleshooting.

  • Efficient: With continuous feed, quick count functionality, self-audit capabilities, and the ability to process up to 12 notes per second, Convergint’s cash recycler solutions allow for efficient operations.

  • Flexible: Convergint’s solutions offer a compact footprint and clearance ranges to accommodate any branch design.

  • Secure: Serial number recognition helps manage counterfeit detection, and unattended audit and operational cassettes reduce floor risk.

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