Convergint was built upon a solid foundation of service excellence, deeply-held Values and Beliefs, and perhaps most importantly, a culture of safety. Convergint is committed to providing the tools, training, and programs so that all projects, service calls, and day-to-day operations are completed without incidents or injuries. To support this culture and increase safety awareness between all colleagues, Convergint has a dedicated Safety Coordinator in each office working under the direction of a National Safety Coordinator and National Safety Officer. 

As National Safety Coordinator, Brittny Zavala works under the direction of National Safety Officer Michael Gross to ensure workplace health and safety are supported by various programs, requirements, and resources. Convergint spoke with Brittny to learn more about how she maintains a thriving culture of safety across the nation and continually reinforces her commitment to safely making a daily difference.  

What does the day to day role of each safety coordinator entail?

The safety coordinator works with local colleagues to address any safety concerns, opportunities, and highlight safety successes. Monthly, they review safety training topics with field and office colleagues to ensure safety across the Convergint Technology Center (CTC). Additionally, they make sure that safety is a top priority in colleagues’ minds, not just a monthly requirement.

As a national coordinator, how do you expand your reach to facilitate safety across all of our locations?

At the end of every month, I help Kevin Castic, Convergint’s National Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, run a conference call with all the local CTC Safety Coordinators. During this call, we discuss that month’s safety data, year-to-date statistics, and how we can be proactive about safety going forward. With this information, the local CTCs can communicate safety information to their colleagues to ensure everyone has a thorough understanding of our safety policies and procedures.

How is Convergint proactive about safety?

The way Convergint is most proactive is through our Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) process. All field colleagues are required to stop and assess their worksite for any potential hazards before working on the job. This process requires the colleagues to think about the work they will be doing and how they can avoid any incidents.

Also, the safety team sends out monthly safety topics to keep colleagues well-versed in the safety procedures to keep them safe, whether that’s regarding the use of tools and equipment or what processes to follow in various situations.

What are some of Convergint’s greatest accomplishments related to safety?

Last year our Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) was .68, which is substantially lower than it has been for several years. It is vital that we keep this rate below 1 so that we can continue to win business, as many of our customers require a TRIR rating <1. More importantly, it means our colleagues are going home safely every night.

What is your favorite Value and Belief?

My favorite Value and Belief is, “We promote fun & laughter on a daily basis.” We spend so much time working that it’s important to make sure we have a fun environment and can enjoy this time with our colleagues. Otherwise, we’d never want to come to work!

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