Convergint was built upon a solid foundation of Values & Beliefs, one of the most important being “We expect to be our customers’ best service providerno matter what business we are in.” 

For customers with large security footprints, it can be challenging to create a security plan that keeps everyone safe while maintaining streamlined operations. In this case study, find out how Convergint worked with SecuriThings to deploy a solution to help the Calgary Drop-In Centre ensure the safety of their staff and clients while automating their security operations for simplified remote management. 

Mission: Streamline and Automate Calgary Drop-In Centre Security 

The Calgary Drop-In Centre is a low-barrier and housing-focused emergency shelter. With so many people in and out of the Centre, it is a main priority to keep all staff and clients of the shelter as safe as possible. With a large security infrastructure, efforts of the Drop-In Centre led to a lot of manual labor, either to ensure devices are operating as they should, or to make sure they were meeting IT compliance requirements, such as password rotation and firmware upgrades. They needed a solution to help solve this problem and streamline their security operations, so Convergint and SecuriThings stepped in to help.

Solution: SecuriThings Horizon

SecuriThings operates with the main goal of helping organizations manage IoT devices at scale, with a strong focus and expertise in the physical security space. Convergint and SecuriThings worked together to solve the customer’s problem with the deployment of SecuriThings Horizon: the first IoTOps solution, which provides risk detection, predictive maintenance, and automated operations for IoT devices. 

With Horizon deployed, the Drop-In Centre gained real time visibility and control over hundreds of security cameras to help the team manage the system in a smart and automated manner. This set of capabilities is particularly helpful in the COVID and post-COVID atmosphere, where remote management and automation are crucial for ongoing operations. 

Result: Full Visibility with Remote Operations

The successful deployment of the SecuriThings Horizon solution gave security personnel at the Calgary Drop-In Centre full visibility and control over all cameras, enabling operators to manage all IoT operations in an automated and remote manner, and helping to secure and protect clients, staff, volunteers, and community members. 

For more information about how Convergint works with SecuriThings to deploy the Horizon solution, contact an expert today. 

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