While automatic payment options such as Apple Pay, Paypal, and Bitcoin are growing in popularity, the majority of the world still uses notes and coins to make purchases. Along with the use of notes and coins comes the concern of handling risks and security threats.

Convergint, partnered with Hamilton, provides cash management solutions to help reduce the expense related to the manual processing of cash through automation, while at the same time practically eliminating the possibility of fraud or theft. Any of these systems can be directly tailored to meet the needs of customers.

Cash Management Solutions

  • Cash Deposit – From front-office, under-the-counter units to back-office note counters, these solutions are designed to improve cash management and optimize the cash-handling process.
  • Cash Recycling – Self-service terminals for handling large volumes of notes and coins are designed to improve the management of cash, lower cash inventory levels, and streamline cash audits.
  • Cash Management Software – A web-based application for managing cash handling across multiple locations is designed to optimize performance and ensure in-store security routines are being followed.

Check out the video below for more information.

According to Hamilton Safe, up to 80% of the cost of managing and handling cash can tie up in staff activity and resources. Contact Convergint Technologies for information on how to free up some of your staff’s time and resources.

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