1 07, 2024

Convergint Premium Service Center’s Excellence in Support

July 1, 2024|

Global corporations often face critical system failures across multiple international sites, threatening operational continuity, customer trust, and financial performance. Convergint’s Premium Service Center (PSC) delivers unparalleled support in these high-stakes scenarios, driving strategic growth worldwide. Convergint’s PSC provides top-tier support to national and global customers, ensuring their most critical needs are met with exceptional

1 07, 2024

Use Case: Strengthening Security Infrastructure in Biotechnology

July 1, 2024|

The biotechnology industry serves as the pioneer of scientific innovation, driving advancements in healthcare and beyond. Yet, amidst the pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries, biotech customers face an ever-growing need to fortify their security infrastructure. This comprehensive use case evaluates the intricate security challenges inherent in the biotech sector and demonstrates how Convergint, a

8 01, 2024

Elevating Security with Convergint’s Video Surveillance Solutions

January 8, 2024|

Convergint specializes in tailoring, installing, and maintaining cutting-edge video surveillance solutions across diverse industries. This approach provides businesses with a seamless integration, presenting a vital window into their activities for proactive security measures and valuable operational insights. As a key component of Convergint's Global Account Solutions, a comprehensive Video Management System (VMS) stands out as

9 01, 2024

Use Case: Agency Leverages Security with Convergint Federal to Overcome Location Standardization Challenges

January 9, 2024|

Convergint Federal is experienced in tackling the challenge of security system standardization for government entities with multiple locations. Leveraging comprehensive and integrated security solutions, Convergint Federal can successfully achieve the desired level of standardization, significantly improving consistency and overall security effectiveness for the Federal customer. Explore this use case to discover how Convergint

4 12, 2023

Convergint Innovates Global Access Control for Enhanced Security and Efficiency

December 4, 2023|

In the dynamic landscape of global security, maintaining a consistent and efficient approach is paramount to success. Recognizing this imperative, Convergint offers specialized expertise to global account security directors and decision-makers, with a particular focus on access control. Access control is pivotal in the broader context of worldwide security and risk management. By permitting

10 11, 2023

Convergint Empowers Global Organizations in Cybersecurity

November 10, 2023|

In today’s global cybersecurity landscape, organizations with a worldwide presence encounter unique challenges. The size, prominence, and the need for standardized security measures present internal challenges. These factors can make organizations susceptible to cyber threats, potentially jeopardizing both data and reputation, which can lead to significant financial losses. Adding to the complexity are diverse

4 10, 2023

Convergint Navigates the SEC’s New Cyber Incident Disclosure Rule

October 4, 2023|

July 26, 2023 marked a watershed moment for the corporate world as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) unveiled its groundbreaking Final Rule on "Cybersecurity Risk Management, Strategy, Governance, and Incident Disclosure." This new policy represents a significant response to the escalating cyber threats that permeate today's digital landscape. It sets out to address

22 08, 2023

Reimagining Security on a Global Scale: Unveiling the Power of Convergint’s Global Accounts Team

August 22, 2023|

Safeguarding assets is an increasingly significant ask for global organizations given an evolving threat landscape, and global security operations are more critical than ever. Convergint recognizes the complexity of security challenges for multinational organizations with a dispersed footprint. A dedicated Global Accounts team is therefore focused on the centralization of security standards, specifications, and

21 08, 2023

Mastering Program Management for Global and Enterprise Accounts

August 21, 2023|

Convergint is purpose-built to service global and enterprise accounts. Cutting edge technologies are complemented by the team's proven programmatic approach that leverages client data and insights to work proactively with enterprises managing a dispersed multinational footprint. Convergint’s extensive program management capabilities ensure individualized and comprehensive support for customers seeking strategic optimization of security operations.

30 06, 2023

Convergint’s Managed Services Steps In for Global Organizations

June 30, 2023|

An increasingly complex global business landscape has escalated system management demands for multinational organizations. Convergint understands that global accounts must optimize system efficiency across multiple locations to meet business continuity and threat mitigation objectives. Convergint’s Managed Services team is comprised of experienced service experts dedicated to revolutionizing system management on a global scale, and

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