The Chattanooga Police Department (CPD) has just completed phase two of its citywide public safety video deployment with the addition of 14 new CrimeEye cameras placed in strategic areas of the city.

CrimeEye video solutions, developed by Total Recall Corporation, a Convergint Technologies company, have a proven record of enhancing public safety and security in many cities across the country.

Total of 29 Cameras Now Focusing on the Most Critical Areas of the City

Since the initial June 2017 installation in Chattanooga, CPD has now doubled the number of CrimeEye units to 29. Camera locations were selected based on the three years of statistical crime data, qualitative intelligence, and officer experience, as well as Total Recall’s recommendations. This information was presented to community residents who had the final word on the exact camera locations. By placing the units in areas of the city most prone to criminal activity, the police department is deterring crime and improving their capability to solve crimes that do occur.

Camera Locations

Image: Chattanooga PD

Captured Video Evidence Analysis

CPD has shared statistics that show the CrimeEye public safety units are working. During the initial six-month Phase One rollout, officers and investigators working on solving crimes made 30 video requests to the Real Time Intelligence Center (RTIC), where the cameras feed. The captured video evidence was used to build cases and hold offenders accountable.

Over 73% of the CrimeEye footage requested by officers and investigators contained usable video evidence for the crime being investigated. Particularly, 43% and 16% of the video evidence was used for shooting investigations and homicide investigations, respectively. Other usable video feeds helped in the investigation of auto theft, burglary, carjacking, robbery, shots fired, and stolen vehicle recoveries.

Each CrimeEye unit used by CPD is housed in a 2-foot-tall, white metal enclosure that is marked with the CPD badge and has a blue flashing light at the top of the unit. The CrimeEye units are mounted on utility poles equipped with power and fiber optics. A pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) capability enables camera adjustment for an optimal view.  CrimeEye’s designed portability also allows for the transportation of units to completely different locations as crime trends and locations change.

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