Soldier Field, the premier outdoor sporting venue in Chicago, was in need of a security update to address stadium-wide concerns. Security staff at Soldier Field is responsible for the entire seating bowl of the stadium, along with unrestricted concourses, and over an acre of parkland, both of which are open and accessible to the public year-round. There are also ticket booths, offices, and sensitive areas not open to the general public, but in need of camera coverage. Varying weather conditions of Chicago, especially in the winter, provide additional challenges to oversee the safety of patrons when sheltering from storms and other elements.

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Security is the most important thing that we oversee here. We’ve got 63,000 fans that come into this stadium to have a good time and enjoy themselves; they need to feel safe and know that they are in a harmless environment.

~Moira O’Connor, Director of Operations at Soldier Field

Convergint Technologies, partnered with Axis Communications and Genetec, helped create a comprehensive solution. This new system covers the iconic property with fixed and pan-tilt-zoom network cameras, with a video management software platform, that allows fans and employees to enjoy events at the venue. 

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