Secure and reliable critical infrastructures, such as data centers,  are vital to the stability and performance of every advanced economy. With the amount of confidential information stored in a data center, it’s crucial for the facility to maintain a secure environment. But determining the best way to protect critical infrastructure may sometimes seem less clear cut. Convergint, partnered with Axis Communications and Genetec, can implement solutions to help protect critical infrastructure.

There is, in fact, a distinctly superior path to protecting critical infrastructures like data centers. This path is using network surveillance to deliver benefits in three areas critical to any operation:

1. Intrusion

Network surveillance does double duty as a valuable supplement to data for industrial control systems. It can help users better understand precisely what is happening with their processes, and therefore reduce process downtime and improve efficiency. The surveillance system can be configured to send alerts in response to data from an integrated control system. Operators can then use visual cameras to assess situations from afar. 

2. Operations

The same network surveillance that so effectively protects critical infrastructure from bad actors can simultaneously protect an organization’s operations against inefficiency and costly downtime. It is a kind of double duty that essentially doubles the return on an organization’s investment in network surveillance – even creating an opportunity to share costs between several departments. 

3. Health and Safety

Network surveillance also does double duty as a way of monitoring policy adherence, evaluating risks in real-time, and improving health and safety practices. Network surveillance goes well beyond superior intrusion protection: It is also a valuable tool that can help organizations better protect the reliability of their critical operations and the safety of their employees.

In addition, layer in the Security Center Synergis™ IP access control system (ACS) for a rounded security lineup. With native end-to-end encryption from the reader to the Synergis software and advanced claim-based authentication, data will be completely secured. 

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  • Keep Existing Access Control Hardware Infrastructure in Place
    Synergis supports the most versatile portfolio of access control hardware and integrates with a wide range of door controllers, modules, and electronic locks, thus reducing the overall costs to deploy Synergis.

  • Neutralize Threats Quickly
    With embedded threat management capabilities, operators can quickly change the behavior of a security system at a moment’s notice in response to potential cyber or physical threats.

  • Strengthen Security with Complete Picture
    Synergis creates a seamless link between access control and video, which heightens the security of an organization and increases readiness to respond to incidents and threats.

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