We expect to be our customers’ best service provider—no matter what business we are in.

Convergint Technologies and ICD Security Solutions (Convergint in APAC) have successfully completed an integration of online customer service platforms to provide customers with a single service portal for sites worldwide through iCare. The successful deployment of an integrated portal marks a significant milestone for Convergint as a global security service provider, providing a more efficient and automated approach to serving customers globally.

“We foresee more customers choosing to work with Convergint as a global provider due to the unique value-added systems and services we have in place, such as a single global customer portal provided by iCare.”

 Scott Gandolfe, Global Program Manager, Convergint Technologies

What is iCare?

As a service-based systems integrator, Convergint places special importance on providing top-quality service. In fact, to live up to our value of being our customers’ best service provider, we developed the iCare Customer Portal. Some benefits of the iCare portal are:

What does this integration mean for our customers?

As an increasing number of global enterprises choose Convergint Technologies as their exclusive global security partner, there is a real need for one centralized platform to give customers full visibility over service cases globally.

The integration brings significant advantages for Convergint’s global customers:

  • One Portal: Create service requests and check service case status for any site worldwide

  • Real-Time Updates: All case updates and work orders are tracked in real time

  • Global Data and Visibility: Access historical data, metric reports, and work order status summary reports for sites around the world

  • Global Consistency: A uniform customer experience with shared workflows that promote cross-regional efficiencies and collaboration

“After months of work and effort by our US & APAC teams, we are excited that this integration is now in full operation,” comments ICD COO, Nicholas Yap. “True to our commitment to be our customers’ best service provider, this integration was in response to seeing a genuine need and the real value it brings to our customers.”

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