A&S International featured two Convergint colleagues, Matt LaRue and Darin Dillon, in an article discussing the critical nature of securing power plants and the best methods to do so effectively. Matt LaRue is a Convergint Senior Account Executive with expertise in the utilities market, and Darin Dillon is an Energy Principal in Advanced Solutions for Convergint. Written by Eifeh Strom, this article included insight from LaRue and Dillon regarding emerging trends within this particular vertical market, as well as information on navigating compliance. 

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Many power plants are now seriously considering the various threats to facilities and the available solutions to mitigate threats.”

~ Matt LaRue, Senior Account Executive, Convergint

Access control databases and video files are frequently used to adhere to North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) compliance. Those events and the reporting tools that are output from the respective databases are used for investigations, compliance reporting and for audit purposes.”

~ Darin Dillon, Energy Principal in Advanced Solutions, Convergint

About Matt LaRue

Matt LaRue has nearly 20 years of experience in the security industry, including roles as an installer, a programmer, and account manager. He has developed a special focus in the utilities vertical, spending almost the last decade honing an expertise in its ever-changing technologies, policies, and guidelines. Matt is featured in the photo above. 

About Darin Dillon

Darin is a Certified Protection Professional® who has developed a reputation as a business leader and security integrations expert, based on more than 35 years of broad experience working in the electronic security and integrated systems industry. Darin is currently the Energy Principal for Convergint Technologies and is also a Council Vice President, after serving 6 years as a board member for American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).

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