September 7th, 2017 – Major Hurricane Irma continues its trek westward from the Caribbean. The latest projections are showing a Category 3 or 4 hurricane with its path across much of South Florida.

Several of the Florida Convergint Technology Centers, as well as one office of Convergint’s subsidiary Integrated Security Systems, will be closed on Friday, September 8th. This will include locations in Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa. Convergint colleagues will continue to work remotely to ensure as much business continuity in the area as possible. Details on how to contact the local team for your project and service needs are below.

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“Our top priority is to ensure all Convergint colleagues and their families are prepared for the possible impact from Hurricane Irma. Once all colleagues are safe and accounted for, we will be prepared to resume our Florida operations and continue working to be our customer’s best service provider,” Tim Beasley, Convergint Southeastern Vice President said.

Convergint has a plan in motion to assist customers as soon as possible following Hurricane Irma. Surrounding Convergint Technology Centers in the Southeast are mobilizing to assist our Florida locations as soon as possible with their own assets and personnel. These additional resources will be available to our existing customers whose systems are integral to operation, as well as for any other local businesses who will be in need emergency assistance to resume operations. Convergint preparations include: 

  • Fire & Security Panels 

  • Fire & Security Sensors 

  • Server & Network Hardware 

  • Cameras & Card Readers

  • Spare Batteries

  • Cabling & Connectors 

  • Testing & Inspection Equipment 

  • Service Trucks & Cargo Vans

  • Project & Installation Teams

  • Service & Maintenance Teams

Convergint Nation’s thoughts are with all affected by the storm.