Convergint COVID-19 Resources

A notice from Convergint regarding the measures currently being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Information from public health organizations regarding recommended precautions for COVID-19.

Convergint’s business continuity plan that outlines how we will maintain operations in the event of an outbreak.

Convergint has been officially designated by local and national authorities as an essential business partner.

A form to complete if you or another colleague has contracted or has potentially been exposed to COVID-19. 

A checklist of items for field colleagues to consider before going onsite during this public health crisis. 

For Convergint colleagues: everything you need to know about Convergint’s policies and plans. 

A guide that outlines the differences between the symptoms of allergies, the flu, and COVID-19.

A letter from Chief Executive Officer Ken Lochiatto to Convergint colleagues regarding COVID-19.

Convergint COVID-19 Updates