Public Resources

Playbook outlining Convergint’s strategy to keep our colleagues and customers safe in our post-COVID-19 world.

Information from public health organizations regarding recommended precautions for COVID-19.

Information about Convergint’s practices for secure transactions during this time of heightened cyber attacks.

Convergint’s business continuity plan outlining how we will maintain operations in our post-COVID-19 world.

Convergint has been officially designated by local and national authorities as an essential business partner.

Convergint COVID-19 Updates

2705, 2020

Convergint Whitepaper: A Comprehensive Return to Work Strategy for COVID-19

[layerslider id="11" geot_in_countries="" geot_in_region_countries="" geot_ex_countries="" geot_ex_region_countries="" geot_in_cities="" geot_in_region_cities="" geot_ex_cities="" geot_ex_region_cities="" geot_in_states="" geot_ex_states="" geot_in_zips="" geot_in_region_zips="" geot_ex_zips="" geot_ex_region_zips="" /] It is clear the COVID-19 global health crisis will forever change our global workforce, both in terms of the

2605, 2020

Aviation Recorded Event: Safety and Security with Facial and People Recognition from AnyVision

Presented by Convergint Technologies As passengers begin to return to airports in the coming months, new provisions will be put into place to make sure travelers remain safe. AnyVision focuses on AI, deep

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