Convergint was built on a solid foundation of Values & Beliefs, which drive positive culture and are what truly sets the company apart. Convergint’s founders had the benefit of establishing a unique and empowered culture from the onset in 2001. V&B #8 states: “We believe in balanced lives“, whether it be with our family, our friends, or within our community. This has always been, and continues to be, a critical piece of the positive Convergint culture, which prioritizes positivity, service, daily laughter, and balance across a colleagues’ responsibilities.

With these values held true, Convergint feels strongly about giving its colleagues the opportunity to be present in their family’s growth. To encourage this balance, colleagues at Convergint who give birth will now receive an increase to 12 weeks of fully paid coverage, to allow time for the birth of the baby, recovery, and bonding with the newest addition to their family. All parents who are non-birthing parents, adoptive parents, or foster care parents will also see an increase to 4 weeks of fully paid coverage.

Welcoming a child is an important moment in a parent’s life, and Convergint is recognizing that by deepening its commitment to balanced lives in this benefit increase. Convergint’s U.S. colleagues who are utilizing this leave policy will have the time to celebrate and enjoy the newest arrival to their family. Convergint’s greatest strength is the people within it, and balanced lives across family, business, and community are critical to the overall well-being of colleagues and central to Convergint’s values as a company.

“At Convergint, we care deeply for all of our families, and we want parents to enjoy each moment of their little one’s life during their paid parental leave. We are so excited to announce this update for all Convergint parents in the United States. Convergint colleagues, thank you for all that you do for your families, colleagues, and customers!”

~Sue Chalupnik, Convergint Vice President of Human Resources – U.S.

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