CNBC recently featured Convergint’s post-grad development program in a piece about the implications of Generation Z joining the workforce. According to consulting firm BridgeWorks, approximately 61 million Gen Z individuals are now reaching full-time working age. Ryan Marshall, regional manager of human resources at Convergint, was interviewed by CNBC for his insight on hiring and working with Gen Z individuals, and how the the Convergint Development Program enables the company to do so. 

The Convergint Development Program offers a one-year rotational role for college graduates starting a career in the technology systems integration industry. It gives candidates the chance to work and learn in different departments of the business by spending time with both the sales and operations teams at Convergint. They also get the opportunity to work with other functional units of the company, such as marketing and finance. 

Ryan also discussed the significance of company culture to Gen Z individuals who are evaluating where to start their career, and how this element in particular is of crucial importance to them. Read a quote from the piece below. 


“‘One of the things we do is sell our culture,’ [Marshall] said. ‘It seems to be that this generation is first and foremost looking for the best cultural fit for them. They’re looking for a company where they’re not just a number, but they’re somewhere they can contribute to the company.'”

Check out the full article to learn more about Convergint’s program, Ryan’s insight on what Generation Z individuals are looking for in potential roles, and how Ryan believes they can contribute value to their organizations.