At Convergint, colleagues from all over the world abide by its Values and Beliefs and strive to make a difference in their communities every day, including training and developing the next generation of professionals in the security and systems integration industry.

This can be seen through the Columbia, Maryland CTC’s ongoing relationship with Lincoln Tech, a national institution with over 20 locations. Lincoln Tech’s goal is to provide superior education and training to students in a supportive, accessible learning environment, aligning with Convergint’s efforts to offer continuous learning opportunities to those interested in pursuing a future career the industry.

A Growing Partnership

With shared company cultures and values, this partnership between Convergint and Lincoln Tech, which is led by Led by Bill Svolos, Operations Supervisor at Convergint, continues to grow and improve. Seeing an opportunity to introduce a new vertical to the school’s capabilities, Convergint has helped create, and will continue to build, a security and fire training program, which inspired the creation of the “Convergint Room” at Lincoln Tech’s Maryland location. The Convergint Room is designed with Convergint’s colors, logos, and brand identity to showcase its core Values and Beliefs and encourage the spirit of giving back and doing good through a career in security.

This security and fire training program is structured to give a day-in-the-life perspective of the industry, provide fully immersive lessons, and go beyond typical class lectures. It exposes students to real-world examples in the fire and security field and offers “ride-alongs” with Convergint technicians for a hands-on experience. This program will constantly evolve to feature the latest innovations being used in the industry, teaching the most up-to-date and relevant technologies as provided by Convergint’s product partners.

The Convergint Room

“Many students don’t even realize that there’s an opportunity to build a career in this industry, so we’re helping to raise awareness around a rewarding profession. The point of all of this, this room and this new program, is that all four walls of The Convergint Room embody what Convergint wants to convey about our Values and Beliefs. We want to students who are taking classes in this room to walk away with the idea of working for a company whose Values and Beliefs align with who they aspire to be.”

~Darin Parkinson, General Manager, Convergint.

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With this new program and the Convergint Room now available, Convergint is aiming to create up to 50 jobs over the next 5 years to help expand the talent pool of security professionals. To learn more about the work Convergint is doing and explore current openings, please contact us below.

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