On February 18th, 2020, Convergint added its 5000th colleague. Convergint’s positive culture has been foundational for the company’s remarkable growth and success.  

To celebrate its 5000th colleague milestone, Convergint held a special contest among its colleagues to predict the date of hire. The winner of the contest received $5,000, as did the 5,000th colleague. Watch the special broadcast below in which the winners were announced.  

The 5000th Colleague

Jamaal Ebrone, a Service Specialist from Convergint’s CTC in Germantown, MD, became the 5000th colleague to join the Convergint team.

Company-Wide Contest

According to the rules of the contest, the first colleague to make an accurate guess about the date of the 5000th colleague joining Convergint Nation would win $5,000.

Jennifer Anderson, from Convergint’s Calgary CTC in Canada, accurately guessed the February 18th date and became the lucky winner of the prize.

Milestone of Success

This huge milestone was made possible by Convergint’s  unique company culture. Built on a solid foundation of Values and Beliefs, Convergint’s culture promotes personal responsibility, a positive work environment, and balanced lives. 

“It’s the colleagues every day that go out and make the difference, make Convergint the company that we are.”

Ken Lochiatto
CEO, Convergint Technologies

Since its founding at the beginning of 2001, and for 19 years since, Convergint has been continuously adding, on average, one colleague per business day.

“It’s all about the culture, as Ken said. We haven’t attracted 5,000 people on anything other than the culture…. As a result of that, we felt very confident we would be able to attract people like Jamal and Jennifer to the team, and the other 4,998 across the globe as well.”

Dan Moceri
Executive Chairman & Co-founder

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