Convergint Oceania strives to foster a supportive, accessible, and inclusive environment while committing to strengthen partnerships with local indigenous communities. The focus is on increasing aboriginal employment, cultural and economic participation, and inclusion within the business. Convergint Oceania aims to attract, retain, and develop the industry’s best talent and support the creation of an inclusive environment for its underserved partners by creating educational and upskilling opportunities.

Sparkdefence is a key example of Convergint’s successful aboriginal inclusion. Providing electrical services for 15 years, Sparkdefence has developed a strong background in all facets of electrical power installations and maintenance. Partnering with Convergint has helped them serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers with high-quality workmanship and professionalism.                                                                

Convergint Oceania joined hands with Melbourne-based electrical and security business Sparkdefence in 2019. Over the last three years through Convergint’s commercial contracts and mentoring, Spark has delivered prompt, high-quality work and quadrupled the size of its organization. Convergint’s direct engagement with Sparkdefence in projects has allowed their business to be recognised as a strategic, tier 1 contractor in the industry. From the initial project of $880k, Sparkdefence now provides electrical support for infrastructure projects of over $4.2 Million.

“Convergint Oceania has built a strong one-on-one relationship with Sparkdefence, and it has been my privilege to personally mentor and guide them through their journey. We strive to foster an inclusive environment at Convergint to enable individuals from different backgrounds to achieve their full potential.”

~Dean Monaghan, Managing Director Oceania, Convergint

Convergint is committed to delivering on identified focus areas that support the development and integration of aboriginal inclusive processes, policies, and practices for strengthening partnerships with the local community. Convergint’s diversity initiatives provide support and education surrounding tough topics that affect indigenous colleagues and partners to help create a safe and sustainable workplace environment.

Inclusion and Diversity at Convergint