Laws and industry regulations that focus on protecting consumers, markets, and critical infrastructure continue to evolve alongside technology. With the changing regulations, companies in the utilities industry will need to stay on top of the changes and modernize compliance practices accordingly.

With the increase of the utility industry becoming increasingly regulated, regulatory agencies oversee the reliability and safety of sector services through various standards. Utility companies need to ensure security operations are compliant with these standards to avoid incurring costs of regulatory penalties. For example, a NERC-CIP audit can cost up to $1 million USD per violation per day. Apart from the costs associated with non-compliance, there are also costs associated with producing sufficient evidence to avoid fines from auditors.

Utility companies must modernize and rationalize their regulatory, legal, and compliance functions and practices as regulations enter the new digital era. Convergint partners with Genetec to provide an innovative and automated security platform that properly guides operator actions to ensure compliance.

Mission Control: Seamlessly Operate Within Regulatory Boundaries

Genetec Mission Control™ is a collaborative decision management system that guides security operators through security and safety incidents as well as operational tasks. Mission Control:

  • Ensures compliance with regulations like NERC-CIP by creating compliance-focused, automated standard operating procedures.

  • Enables teams to seamlessly audit compliance to procedures and regulations using hard data to improve future response.

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Convergint, partnered with Genetec, has the expertise needed to deploy a streamlined decision management system to keep utilities companies operating safely and in compliance. Contact a security expert today to learn more, and stay tuned for next month’s article to learn how to protect critical infrastructure in the utilities industry using perimeter security.

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