Convergint Canada won Alberta’s Top 75  Employers 2020 Award as announced by Mediacorp Canada Inc. and featured by Calgary Herald. With this prestigious award, Convergint was acknowledged for its efforts in creating a welcoming workplace environment, supporting balanced lives, and making it easy for its colleagues to give back to their communities. The award was officially presented to Convergint’s team at the 15th Alberta’s Top 75 Employers Reception.

Calgary Herald

Alberta’s Top Employer

Conducted by the editors of Canada’s Top 100 Employers Project, Alberta’s Top 75 Employers competition has been taking place each year since 2006. The contest goal is to recognize Alberta’s companies whose efforts in creating an exceptional workplace environment stand out among their industry peers.

“We’re seeing a renewed focus by employers in the province on day-to-day improvements that make a real difference in the working lives of the people who work there,” adds Kristina Leung, Senior Editor at Mediacorp Canada Inc, the organizer of Employers project since 2006.

“Not big-budget or expensive programs, but practical initiatives — like helping employees balance their jobs with family commitments or making it easier for them to give back to the community — which other employers can emulate and improve upon.”

Convergint’s Team Receiving Alberta’s Top Employers Awards

 Convergint’s Team Receiving Alberta’s Top Employers Awards

Evaluation Criteria 

Employers were judged by several criteria, which have included physical workplace; work atmosphere; health, financial & family benefits; community involvement; and more.

The work atmosphere was one of the priority points considered by judges. Deeply embedded in the company culture, creating a positive environment is not just lip-service at Convergint, but one of its Values & Beliefs supported at all company levels.

Teamwork is key to the Convergint philosophy. We specifically use the word ‘colleagues,’ and not ‘employees’ because everybody owns their position on the team and is an equal player regardless of position.

Brian Haw
Convergint’s Vice President of Canadian Operations

Convergint’s Team at Alberta’s Top 75 Employers 2020 Awards Reception

Convergint’s Team at Alberta’s Top 75  Employers 2020 Awards Reception

Convergint Stands Out for Its Culture & Social Responsibility

Community involvement was another criterion used by judges to evaluate the contestants. Convergint is committed to social responsibility and supports the efforts of its colleagues to give back to their communities. Every year for Convergint’s Social Responsibility Day, the company offices shut down for an entire day to enable its colleagues to volunteer for local nonprofit organizations of their choice.

It helps on a personal level and a team level. I feel really good about myself, and I get to see people I don’t see on a daily basis, and get to understand who they are and what their teams do.

Jeff Clark
Security Technician, Convergint Canada

Convergint colleagues truly stepped up within their community at the time of massive fires in Northern Alberta. In 2016, when the Fort McMurray area was suffering from wildfires, and 88,000 residents had to leave their homes, Convergint colleagues helped the fire victims to evacuate from the danger areas.

The Convergint culture shone during the Fort McMurray wildfires in 2016. While flames engulfed the community, most citizens fled while Convergint employees stayed to help. They traveled into the fire zone to help evacuees secure their possessions, pets, and vehicles, working around the clock to keep families together and get them on the right plane to safety.

Convergint stood behind its colleagues and continued to pay the salaries of evacuated employees until they could return to work. Convergint people in Western Canada also opened their homes to evacuees and their families until they could safely go back home. 

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