Convergint Singapore’s team of dedicated experts design, install, and service seamlessly integrated access control solutions tailored to suit the requirements of diversified verticals and industries. Access control systems come in a variety of technologies with varying degrees of security from high frequency contactless cards and mobile credentials to cybersecurity and locking hardware. Knowing the vulnerabilities to each is important when it comes to handling identity data and credentials. Convergint partners with the leading equipment manufacturers and software developers to ensure what you want secured stays secure.

    Electronic security

    Convergint Singapore provides seamless access control solutions for integrated systems for a wide range of verticals and industries. Paired with comprehensive security services, Convergint Singapore delivers value through outstanding customer service and consistent operational excellence. With a thorough understanding of enterprise integration, Convergint deploys scalable, customisable solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Convergint Singapore’s dedicated team will ensure maximum performance and functionality to protect your site.

      Physical identity & access management

      Convergint Singapore customs design, install, and service Physical Identity & Access Management (PIAM) solutions to enable enterprise-wide capabilities to consistently manage employees, service providers, contractors, vendors, and visitors. These solutions empower the organisation to use policy-based tools and technology to link organisational roles and responsibilities with structured access to business systems, logical assets, and building services.

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