Convergint Technologies, a global leader in service-based systems integration, and Orbis Operations, a customized intelligence and cyber security solutions provider, today announced the forming of Cybis, a joint venture between the two companies to provide cyber security solutions.

Cyber security continues to be a vital concern of business leaders and senior executives, with 80 percent of board members saying that cyber security is discussed at most or all board meetings. Cybis is equipped to act as a trusted advisor to clients for the full range of issues related to cyber security, according to Josh Mayne, CEO of Orbis.

President and CEO of Convergint Technologies, Ken Lochiatto, said, “Cyber security is a business and people problem, not just an IT issue. More and more our security clients, who are responsible for physical security, are being asked to take part in the cyber solution. Cybis positions us uniquely in the industry to meet customers’ evolving needs.”

Cybis will leverage Orbis’ experience working in the intelligence community with the latest technologies to develop tailored cyber security solutions capable of defending against advanced external and internal threats. Lee Black, who brings more than 20 years of experience in combined intelligence and IT security service to the firm, has been named chief executive officer of Cybis.

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