Convergint is sponsoring and exhibiting at the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police 2019 Annual Conference. The conference will be held at the Keystone Resort, June 26 -28. Partnered with Briefcam, Convergint will be showcasing Video Synopsis® and Video Analytics that bring speed, efficiency, and forensic capabilities to real-time response and investigative operations. Additionally, Convergint will highlight procurement avenues that can meet purchasing protocols, while allowing teams the ability to get what they need when they need it. 

About Featured Solutions

BriefCam’s Video Synopsis technology allows users to compress hours of video footage into minutes in order to review multiple activities simultaneously, as well as search through the videos according to specific criteria. For example, quickly finding a specific traveler passing through the airport wearing a yellow jacket, or identifying an unauthorized person that entered a restricted area.

About Colorado Chiefs of Police

The Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) is a professional organization committed to excellence in delivering quality service to their members, the law enforcement community, and the citizens of Colorado. Through their leadership, they provide education and training and promote the highest ethical standards. CACP is personally and professionally dedicated to preserving basic family values, which are essential for achieving a high quality of life.