Convergint UK’s team is proud to announce that it has attained a carbon-neutral status for the second year in a row. This status was achieved by working with Carbon Footprint Ltd, a recognized carbon offsetting organization. Carbon Footprint Ltd helps Convergint UK collate all usage data to understand their emissions from all work activities. To gain this certificate, Convergint UK measured all usages relating to their offices, air travel, rail travel, and car travel. Convergint UK had an impressive result and had reduced their carbon footprint by 11% year on year. The emissions that Convergint UK was not able to eliminate were offset against wind farm and solar projects. 

“A reduction of the UK’s carbon footprint by 11% year-on-year is something we are extremely proud of. Thank you to all UK colleagues for helping cut down their emissions and helping reinforce our commitment to sustainability. 

~Ann Jeffrey, Compliance Manager, Convergint

Convergint’s commitment to sustainability

Convergint is dedicated to developing a company culture where leadership and individual colleagues are committed to making responsible decisions to ensure the health and safety of Convergint colleagues, customers, business associates, and the communities in which Convergint operates.