On the 2nd of August, UK colleagues held an event to open their new Convergint Technology Center (CTC) in Birmingham, UK. This CTC will be known as the UK’s central CTC, offering a midpoint between the north and south of the UK. Having this CTC will allow all Convergint colleagues, including those who recently joined through the acquisition of  Universal Security Systems, to access the main hub where they are able to go to work and hold meetings, as well as giving Convergint the ability to expand service capabilities and expertise into this region.

The new CTC is located in Solihull, Birmingham in a thriving business park moments away from the Birmingham International Train Station and Airport allowing for easy transport links.

About the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Convergint has become a member of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce (GBCC). The GBCC is there to connect, support, and grow local businesses. They are accredited by the British Chambers and have acted as the voice of local businesses since 1813.

The GBCC’s brand is strongly influenced by its mission, vision, and valuesunderstanding what the Chamber stands for and what it can offer its members, clients, stakeholders, and colleagues alike is fundamental in ensuring their success and long-term sustainability.

Convergint colleagues with Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce local representatives.

Convergint has joined as an 1813 member, this title rates to the year the Chamber was founded. This group is a select group of companies that engage in multi-regional commercial opportunities. This opportunity will give Convergint the chance to connect with like-minded businesses within the region, allowing networking opportunities in order to raise brand awareness for Convergint.

Benefits of being a GBCC member

  • International and business support
  • Networking opportunities
  • Media opportunities
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Chamber services
  • Chamber partners

“Convergint UK are proud to announce the new CTC opening in Birmingham, UK. This CTC will be the UK’s central hub and will allow colleagues to utilize a new CTC space within the midlands of the UK. We are very excited to become a member of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce (GBCC), and look forward to the new opportunities being a member will bring to Convergint.”

~Steve Dorking, Managing Director EMEA, Convergint 

Highlights from the day