Convergint’s affinity group for women, Convergint Women Connect, aims to evolve Convergint’s culture through advocacy, education, community, and visibility. Their mission is to make Convergint the most equitable and inclusive global service provider for women of all identities and backgrounds. Through visibility, CWC’s goal is to foster an environment that lifts underrepresented voices within Convergint and the industry through initiatives focused on recognition and networking. To recognize and celebrate women across Convergint Nation, Convergint Women Connect has created the Daily Difference Award.

The Daily Difference Award is a peer-nominated recognition award given to women at Convergint who make a daily difference by representing one of the company’s most deeply-held Values and Beliefs: I have integrity–it’s what I do when no one’s watching.

This quarter, Kathy Distel was one of three Daily Difference Award recipients, nominated by her colleagues for driving Convergint to success. Kathy is a self-starter and works her hardest each day at Convergint. Read the interview below where Kathy discusses her career at Convergint, and how she continues her efforts in delivering the best service possible. 

“Kathy has exemplified integrity many ways through her tenure at Convergint, she is a self-starter and takes a proactive approach with what she does on a daily basis. She needs very little management and drives integrity not only with herself but is a role model throughout Convergint.”

Kathy Distel

Regional Customer Success Manager

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