Chief Information Officer Bhuvana Badrinathan was recently featured in Security Sales & Integration in the SECURE Perspectives column.

SECURE Perspectives is a monthly column by the Security Industry Association (SIA) profiling women in the security industry. This column is part of SIA’s Women in Security Forum, an initiative to support the participation of women in the security field through programs, professional development, and networking events. In this edition of SECURE Perspectives, Bhuvana Badrinathan discusses the key to making a better workforce, industry trends, Convergint’s new Inclusion & Diversity Council and more.

On Inclusion & Diversity at Convergint

Convergint does an excellent job seeking quality, diverse talent within all levels of the organization. This is just the beginning—in the years to come, Convergint will continue to put emphasis on diversity. A few years ago, the Convergint Women Connect group was formed with the goal to increase the number of women and women leaders at Convergint, lift the voices of underrepresented women and make Convergint an inclusive environment for all women. This year, Convergint also formed an Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Council. The Convergint Women Connect group is working alongside the I&D Council to shape policy, create an inclusive environment and help drive significant change for the women of Convergint.

~Bhuvana Badrinathan, Chief Information Officer, Convergint

On Current Industry Trends

We are amid what many refer to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”—the boundaries between the physical, digital and biological world are blurring. What this means is that intelligent devices are connected not just to network devices but also to the Cloud. Cameras produce more data than any other sensor; the usage of this visual data is exploding and intelligence is moving to edge devices like cameras. Traditional security, fire and life safety technologies are evolving towards a modern IoT architecture with the intelligent camera as a key enabler.

~Bhuvana Badrinathan

Bhuvana’s Advice for Women in the Industry

Be your authentic self. Everyone has strengths—believe and trust in them and lean on your colleagues in the areas where you are weak. And finally, never be afraid to do the right thing.

~Bhuvana Badrinathan

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More About Bhuvana

Bhuvana Badrinathan

Bhuvana Badrinathan

Chief Information Officer

Bhuvana Badrinathan has over 20 years of experience in technology, including software development, data strategy, service delivery, and infrastructure. She joined Convergint in 2019 as Chief Information Officer. Prior to working at Convergint, Bhuvana served in various technology and executive management roles in different industries, including financial services, eCommerce retail, and insurance brokerage.