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Convergint’s CPR Training Requirement Helped to Save a Man’s Life

KELOLAND NEWS recently featured Sioux Falls Convergint colleague, Josh Dougherty, who heroically helped to save a man’s life during South Dakota’s State Co-Ed Softball Tournament in Watertown earlier this month. Thirty-four-year old Jake Esser’s heart stopped after he ran into another player while trying to field a ball.

Dougherty jumped the fence and started giving him CPR with the help of several others at the scene. Paramedics were able to restart Esser’s heart with an automated external defibrillator (AED).

As apart of Convergint’s safety standards each office has to have 10% of staff CPR-certified. The Sioux Falls Convergint Technology Center (CTC) held its training in June, and Dougherty attended and received his certification. 

“At Convergint, we are dedicated to safely making a daily difference. Our colleagues may be assigned to a customer location where medical facilities are not close by, so having first aid and CPR training is critical, and this training can serve to save lives in a professional or personal setting.”

– Michael Gross, Safety Manager at Convergint Technologies

The Sioux Falls CTC is donating an AED to the ballpark so that one will always be available onsite moving forward. These devices are extremely important during the first few minutes of a cardiac emergency, which is why Convergint has them in its locations and trains colleagues to use them.

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View the full article below, which includes a video with comments from Josh.

September 22, 2017|