Security Management Magazine recently featured Convergint’s Business Development Manager, Darin Dillon, by highlighting his career in the electronic security & integrated systems industry, and his pursuit of the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation.

When it comes to the electronic security & integrated systems industry, Darin Dillon knows his stuff. With over 35 years of experience within these two industries, Darin’s extensive knowledge allows for quick and accurate responses to every challenge that comes his way, implementing complex electronic security solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, hospitals, universities, and government municipalities. When Dillon wanted to take his industry knowledge to a new level, he chose to pursue a Certified Protection Professional credential. In Dillon’s eyes, this experience helped enable him to reach his goal of being his customers’ best service provider.

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“After arriving at his Houston, Texas, office each morning, Dillon sorts through his emails, texts, and voicemails and reacts accordingly to changes in his projects’ priorities. But his most important responsibility? ‘It’s my job to provide unparalleled customer service to those who count on our team for their global electronic security needs.’

His quest to be viewed as a valued partner by these customers led Dillon to pursue the Certified Protection Professional designation in 2002. ‘Many of my clients had attained their CPP certifications, and I wanted to be tested to the same proficiency level they possessed,’ he says.”

Check out the full article by Mary Alice Davidson to learn more about Darin Dillon’s career and what he gained from becoming a Certified Protection Professional.