SDM Magazine recently featured Convergint’s Tony Varco in the 2018 series of State of the Market articles. Varco, Vice President of Security, spoke SDM to reveal his insight regarding the trends within the video surveillance market. As note in the article written by Tim Scally, Tony does not expect the industry to slow down anytime soon and forecasts great growth for Convergint, as well as the market as a whole.

Varco also holds the record for the security executive featured most often on the cover of SDM Magazine. Read an excerpt from the piece below. 

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“It is the ability to leverage sensors and devices on the Internet of Things to provide customers with some actionable intelligence that is really driving the market.”

– Tony Varco, VP of Security

Check out the full article to discover more about the technology and key features that are driving the market and its capabilities to new heights. Read more about what the future holds for the video surveillance industry here.