The winter holidays are a time when everyone looks forward to spending quality time with family and friends. It is important to strive for a balance between work and personal life always, but especially during times like the holidays. Tony Varco, Vice President at Convergint Technologies, shares his advice on how to plan on disconnecting for the holidays, while also ensuring that work projects and responsibilities are taken care of, in the article  “7 Winning Tactics For Disconnecting From Work During The Holidays”,  written by Dana Brownlee and published by Forbes.

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“Plan in advance for being out and being off. Good planning allows for appropriate disconnects. Communicate early and often to customers and colleagues about your upcoming planned time off, and work with them to find solutions. Set up a buddy system and create specific plans for another colleague or colleagues to take ownership of your projects while you’re away – then trust them to perform well.”

Tony Varco
Vice President, Convergint Technologies

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Achieving a work-life balance by its colleagues is essential to Convergint’s culture. Two of Convergint’s 10 Values & Beliefs promote balanced lives, as well as fun and laughter on a daily basis. To encourage having more fun time after work, Convergint gives its colleagues an annual “Fun & Laughter Day,” which includes a day off from work and $100 from Convergint with the only one requirement: it must be used for fun and laughter with family and friends. 

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