Sourcewell’ Contract Number 030421-CTL is applicable for use by all city, state, and county organizations in the State of Mississippi.

What can this contract do for you?

This contract includes the security products, services, and installation associated with building systems integration. The primary benefits of these contracts are competitive pricing and an efficient purchasing process that ensures organizations get quality products and services. Agencies purchasing through the contract also receive reasonable emergency and standard response rates and times as well as emergency support.

City, county, and state agencies can take advantage of contract vehicles to obtain the latest in innovative security technology at low prices to increase overall security. The right security products increase efficiency and improve operations.

State and local agencies don’t have the same budgets as many private companies, so they aren’t able to buy new products and services when they first come out. They often end up with older technology that is far less effective. These contracts are the best way for agencies to take advantage of low pricing to get critical, cutting-edge security, fire alarm, life safety, and cybersecurity tools.

What does it include?

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