As airports begin to resume normal activity in a post-COVID-19 world, the need for new technologies to monitor crowd movement and assess exposure risk increases. Convergint partners with CrowdVision to provide customers with the leading technology for understanding crowd movement and keeping airport staff and passengers safe.

CrowdVision works with Convergint to equip customers with the data and insights necessary to support operations during these times and successfully transition through the stages of pandemic response, recovery, and renewal to a more resilient future.

Airport Safety

SafeDistance provides a new set of social distancing measurements, analytics, visualizations, and tools available now and already in active use across several airports. 

  • Measures separation and exposure 

  • Allocates “safety scores” 

  • Provides alerts and actionable insights for live interventions 

  • Provides data, heatmaps, and performance reporting to drive improvement 

Staff Safety

SafeDistance detects the exposure of airport staff to each other and passengers.  

  • Keeps airport, airline, and partner personnel safe 

  • Creates workforce confidence, trust, and retention 

Passenger Safety

SafeDistance detects the exposure of passengers to each other and staff. 

  • Keeps passengers safe 

  • Creates confidence in the safety of air travel 

Watch the Aviation Recorded Event to learn more about how Convergint and CrowdVision work with airports to optimize their complete passenger experience. Please note that CrowdVision APART has been rebranded to CrowdVision SafeDistance. 

Beyond Safety

Together, Convergint and CrowdVision can help airports recover as travel begins to reopen. While measuring passenger safety will likely become part of the new normal in airports, CrowdVision data can be used to support collaborative decision-making for the benefit of all during this transitional time. A single CrowdVision system can be configured to focus on safety today, and customer experience, operational efficiency, and retail performance in the future. 

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