Campus safety concerns are increasing due to outside threats, causing a need to harden physical security, but keep easy access to campus facilities, resources, and services. Campus security teams are working to strike the balance between accessibility, security, and privacy. 

Convergint and HID Global provide next-generation reader and credential technology, powered by Seos®By adding this flexible, best-in-class cryptography, campuses can have the security and privacy they need. 

What makes Seos technology different?

Students want mobility.
Students crave mobility. Seos credential technology is software-based, enabling identity data to be securely placed on a variety of form factors, including mobile devices like smartphones, watches, and tablets. Reader and credential technology support most every popular phone technology and communication standard. Students are more apt to keep track of their device, far less likely to lend it out, and generally have additional security measures on the phone itself.

Administrators love the design.
HID Global’s strict adherence to best practices for data protection and widely reviewed open standards ensure excellence in design. Its unique, layered security approach to key management, mutual authentication, and secure messaging ensures a high degree of data privacy and security. Simple cloud-based provisioning, revocation, and communications to the reader are all protected.

Efficiency rules.
Lost devices carrying digital keys are more likely to be noticed and reported than physical keys or ID cards. The mobile access control model also streamlines credential distribution and retrieval by enabling remote credential management throughout its lifecycle. It is also easier to modify applications and security parameters via software downloads and firmware updates, which eliminates the risk of key and card copying, and simplifies the task of temporarily issuing new keys and canceling them when lost or stolen.

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