Companies are continuing to adjust to local jurisdiction requirements to open their workplaces to employees, contractors, and guests. One major area of focus is being able to provide reporting internally and externally with metrics on self-attestation questionnaires, temperature screening, and reporting for quick contact tracing and notifications. To solve these pressing challenges, Doug Greenwald with Convergint’s Advanced Solutions team joined Nick Mirizzi and Tom DeLorenzo from Turing Video to discuss Turing Shield: the non-contact, AI-enabled thermal body temperature scanner and reporting kiosk that has seen widespread adoption across Convergint customers in the last few months.

Watch the full video discussion here.

In addition to these video thermal contact tracing solutions, companies should consider alternative risk mitigation actions, including touchless entry solutionschanges to policies and procedures, biometric access control solutions, monitoring and managing workforce health, and more. It’s imperative organizations have the right counsel to navigate solutions available and determine the best application to fit the various environments and applications.

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